Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shady lady + exciting designer collaborations

Pin It now! By Brittany 

There's something about a big pair of sunglasses that makes women look mysterious. Or crazy. Or famous. Perhaps all of the above? Throw on a pair of big shades and, boom, you've instantly got a dramatic look. I was flipping through a fashion magazine this weekend and came across an article about the "right size of shades for your face." After matching my face to the scaled-down images on the page, it turned out I fell into an ambiguous, shapeless category that said I could wear whatever size and shape of sunglasses I wanted to.  (I could have-would have worn whatever silly sunglasses I wanted to anyways, but now I've got a magazine condoning my choices). So I said to my five-head (kinda like a forehead, but bigger) "go on with your bad self." 

A few things I'm excited about this month? Designer collaborations. Here are some links about exciting collab-o's. Almost as exciting as when Tim McGraw and Nelly paired up for a song that played on country and hip-hop stations. 

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