Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Watercolor florals

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Here in Denver, we got one sunny day that flirted with 70 degrees, and I was like, boom, it's spring and summer is just around the corner. Then, the next day, it snowed. This spring, I'm loving romantic watercolor florals and am still deeply committed to pattern mixing. I bought a pair of polka dot jeans, which I will wear until the dots fall off and are proving to be the MVP of my closet. MVP meaning Most Versatile Player. 

I'm super-excited about posting more outfit shots this spring. I think my sense of style and creativity goes into hibernation in the winter. Or, it's just that I'm cold and want to layer three sweaters. But, I've also been busy writing for the Daily Camera and ShopAtHome, so some times my typing fingers need a little nap.

Click here for a piece I wrote for ShopAtHome about wearing floral prints. 

-- Brittany Leigh

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  1. You look gorgeous in that blouse. In fact you look wonderful in you light up clothes. But I am particularly partial to the sunglasses you're wearing.